Green Communities Foundation is a nonprofit based in Mumbai that handholds societies and corporates into becoming Waste Free. Founded in 2017, as an organization we believe in addressing the cause at source rather than the symptom.

Our team comprises of professionals from different backgrounds who have worked closely with waste management and the environment. We offer an easy, affordable and efficient solid waste management implementation process.

We follow the aerobic style of composting using Effective Microorganism (EM) solution, that is widely practiced in Bangalore – the composting capital of India. Our method requires simple layering of wet waste, spraying of EM solution, existing compost, cocopeat and dry leaves/browns, while NO churning is required. We recommend a composting cage or modified drums that facilitates a smooth process.

Our goal is to make Mumbai a Waste Free city and our target audience includes waste generators such as societies and corporates. The Foundation not only creates awareness about the cause but also follows through with end-to-end and holistic implementation through standardized procedures, an implementation manual, videos, charts, workshops and more.