Success Stories: Acme Elite

Acme Elite is a relatively small society in Poonam Nagar, Mumbai. The society segregates its waste and composts about 634kgs on a monthly basis and so far they have prevented more than 2 tons of [...]

Green Walls

India’s metropolitan cities are burgeoning concrete jungles with little room for green foliage. Green Communities Foundation is on a mission to improve green cover in societies and offices [...]

Greening the Blue

On a late Sunday morning, I was on my way to a workshop. It was a good start to a Sunday; a hearty breakfast and the grey skies promised nice weather. I got into a cab and was enjoying the wind [...]

Waste Segregation

Mumbai, the city of dreams, is popularly known for it’s Bollywood movies, it’s famous vada pav and it’s undying spirit! People from all over India come here to fulfill their [...]

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