Kedar Sohoni

Kedar is a technology entrepreneur who has built research and analytics companies including Cross Tab. His previous company Informate was acquired by Nielsen. After a year of experimentation with waste management, he has converted his society into a Waste Free Society.  Now he is replicating this model across various societies in Mumbai.

Gopala Krishnan

GK is a technology and social entrepreneur. He has co-founded and managed venture funded companies in India and China. Since 2008, as a social entrepreneur, he has executed three significant social projects focused on solving problems that lead to child malnutrition. This includes the largest vaccination reminder service and a national maternal education project. Each of these projects has directly impacted the lives of millions of people.

Shreem Kohli

Shreem is a Community Supervisor at Green Communities Foundation. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, Shreem took up The Gandhi Fellowship to understand the Education sector in India and the role of Environmental education in it. During the fellowship, she worked in seven government schools to increase the student learning outcome by collaborating with school headmasters, teachers, students, parents and communities. While working in schools, she piloted a project on waste management through experiential learning with more than 800 students which resulted in a reduction of 83% food waste in schools.

Devisha Poddar

Devisha is a Product Executive with Green Communities Foundation. Her career interests lie in waste management, ‘farm to fork’ concept and reusable menstrual hygiene products. In the past she has worked with Smart Joules, an award-winning startup that saves energy for commercial buildings, she has written reports and proposals for acquiring grants and entering into competitions. She has also interned at Centre for Policy Research, one of India’s premier think tanks, and has worked on the sustainable development chapter of the India Country Report as a part of the Bangladesh China India Myanmar Economic Corridor (BCIM EC).

Pooja Elizabeth Abraham

Pooja is a Community Supervisor at Green Communities Foundation. After completing Civil Engineering, Pooja worked with Leighton contractors. She was part of the Chenani-Nashri Tunnel project team at Jammu & Kashmir. She has also done business development with Pratibha Industries. She then took up The Teach for India Fellowship to understand the education sector in India and work towards an excellent education for all.

Rajesh Wankhade

Rajesh is a Community Supervisor at Green Communities Foundation. He holds a graduate degree in Commerce and is pursuing M.A. in Sociology from IGNOU. He has been trained in social work for a year in New Delhi and has about 9 years of experience in the social sector. In this period, he worked with Slum Communities of Mumbai, Tribal Communities of Jharkhand, Rajasthan,Maharashtra and Marginalised (Mahadalit) Community of Bihar.

Ragni Nathani

Ragni is a Community Supervisor at Green Communities Foundation. After completing her under-graduation in Journalism from the University of Mumbai, she worked for a year in entertainment-media as a content writer, and went on to pursue a Masters in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, with a specialization in Criminology and Justice.
Her key areas of interest are behavioural sciences, carceral geography, climate change and sustainability, and corporate social responsibility. She is keen on working towards effective utilization of spaces to produce sustainable results for the community.

Sakshi Sirari

Sakshi is a Community Supervisor with Green Communities Foundation. A TISS graduate in women-centric social practices, Sakshi has been working in the development sector for about 4 years now. Her research interests include gender, behavioral science, and technology. With Green Communities, she aims to converge the three and work towards bringing a positive behavioral shift towards waste management at source among diverse stakeholder groups.

Kshitija Surve

Kshitija Surve is a Community Supervisor at Green Communities Foundation. She encountered issues related to lack of waste management while pursuing M.A in Education from Azim Premji University and hence decided to join this space. Concepts like ‘Zero waste lifestyle’, ‘Urban Farming’, ‘Sustainability in Education’ & ‘Minimalism’ are her interest areas. She firmly believes in GCFs vision of making Mumbai a ‘Waste Free City’ and would like to see the city clean and green.

Along with the core team we have five Waste Management Experts, Vaibhavi Marathe, Arun Jaiswar, Roshan Jaiswal, Huzaib Shaikh and Vitthal Dikonda. They work on the field and facilitate the monitoring and evaluation process at our client sites.