As per the Central Pollution Control Board, Indians throw out about 15,342 tonnes of plastic waste daily. While 60% is plugged back into the recycling chains, more than 6100 tonnes of plastic ends up in landfills. Even though India’s plastic recycling is more than developed countries. There is no mechanism to manage plastic waste.

The biggest hurdle to plastic recycling and waste management in general is non-segregation of waste at source. Often waste segregation is done by waste pickers leading to soiled plastic and paper ending up in landfills rather than recycling units.

What is Extended Producer Responsibility?

Extended Producer Responsibility mandates companies (plastic producers, importers and brand owners) to take responsibility of products beyond their consumer life cycle. In other words, they need to take back as much plastic that they introduce in the market, especially multi layered packaging. Corporates/ Producers (paper, packaging, electronic) are mandated under Extended Producer Responsibility to offset or ensure responsible recycling of packing material that is sent out to Indian markets.

Where does Green Communities Foundation play a role?

Green Communities Foundation works with societies, corporates and institutions. We offer consultancy and implementation for waste management. We provide a strong focus to segregation at source, therefore dry or recyclable material can be sent for recycling directly.

GCF can work with your company at the ground level in Mumbai to solve this issue.

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