Our work is focused on Mumbai city and parts of rural Maharashtra. 

Our goal is to make Mumbai a Waste Free city and our target audience includes waste generators such as societies and corporates. The Foundation not only creates awareness about the cause but also follows through with end-to-end and holistic implementation through standardized procedures, an implementation manual, videos, charts, workshops and more.

We also have a Rural Waste Management program designed to ensure that the waste generated, (especially inorganic waste like plastic packaging) in lakhs of villages, is not littered or burnt and is instead recycled responsibly. To enable this, we are working with local NGOs, waste aggregators, recyclers, consumer brands and the villagers to set up reverse logistics systems. One such project has begun in Raigad district of Maharashtra.

As a product of its experience, the Foundation has realized that the waste management sector has an untapped potential for generating job opportunities, which will be essential in the coming years to ensure effective implementation on ground.

In an effort to bridge the gap between the lack of skilled professionals in the sector of waste management, and the need for the same, Green Communities Foundation has come together with Pratham Arora Centre for Education (PACE) to launch a first of its kind skilling program in the area of waste management. The program aims to equip young adults interested in pursuing a career in the area of environment and sustainability, towards getting an entry-level job in the sector as Waste Management Supervisors. Visit the Skill Development page to know more!