Kedar Sohoni – Founder

Kedar is a technology entrepreneur who has built research and analytics companies including Cross Tab. His previous company Informate was acquired by Nielsen. After a year of experimentation with waste management, he converted his society into a Waste Free Society.  He replicated this model across various societies in Mumbai after setting up GCF in 2017. His current focus area is Rural Waste Management. He is a B.Tech from IIT Bombay and a PGDM from IIM Lucknow.

Manohar Sapkal

Manohar is a field co-ordinator working in Raigad on our rural Waste Management program. He has over 5 years’ experience working in various non-profits in the rural areas. Since 2019, Manohar has been instrumental in Driving the rural waste management program of GCF. Thanks to his efforts and our collaboration with Swades Foundation, we are now working with over 300 villages in Raigad district in Waste Management.

Vaibhavi Marathe

“I feel proud when I say I am working for GCF. It’s been 4.5 years now working with GCF feels like home. I am very thankful that I got opportunity to join with GCF through ICICI Bank Academy of Skills. My 4.5 years with the company have never ceased to amaze me. What has made the journey even more special is your unwavering support and commitment to pushing the boundaries of learning. I can genuinely say that I have learned so much from you all. As I am a people person and really like to meet and work with lot of different people so this was possible only because of GCF. Immensely Thank You GCF.”

Vitthal Dikonda

“I’ve been with Green Communities Foundation (GCF) since 2018, so it’s been 5 years now. The Antarang Foundation, which works on career readiness programmes, introduced me to GCF. I do field work and my job role is that of a Waste Management Expert. After joining GCF, I learned a lot about waste management. We work in various areas, like societies, cooperative offices, schools, colleges, and with many others. We are also working with villages in Raigad on dry waste management. In Mumbai, GCF is currently working in Aarey colony to create a plastic-free environment.”

Huzaib Sheikh

“I have done my basic mountaineering course from NIM Uttar Kashi, having experience as an outdoor instructor in Sahyadri. I have done an administrative course from ICICI Academy of Skills. Then I got an opportunity to work in the field of waste management with GCF. Now I have worked in GCF for the last 4 years & having experience about managing waste, learnt a lot of things every day.”

Roshan Jaiswal

“As a student at Antarang foundation after completing the career ready program, I came across the opportunity to work for Green Communities Foundation. Always having an interest to work on social issues and also being part of various projects before, it became a great opportunity for me to explore a new field. As it was a challenge for me because of being new to the field of Waste Management. Even though, by keeping a positive attitude I learnt from my mistakes as well as learnt from my experienced senior colleagues. Working with the organization has been full of experiences and learnings for me. GCF helped me overcoming the challenges and let me grow in my professional as well as personal life. It has already been four years and counting for me to be associated with GCF. From being an amateur to being a professional in Waste Management field has been an exceptional journey.”

Maya Tamatta

“I have completed my studies in B.A arts woman’s University. I worked in Medical for few years. Then on June 5, 2021, ICICI Academy of Skills got a chance to attend an environment day lecture by GCF. I got a chance to become a part of Green Communities Foundation by contacting ICICI Academy. I have completed 1 year in the organization. Through GCF I got a lot of experience related to waste management and to work on it. I am still learning new things everyday because of my work at GCF.”

Prathamesh Ghag

He keeps the office spic and span and ensures we get our tea on time! He also takes care of our lovely terrace garden.