We convert housing societies in Mumbai into Waste Free Societies.

Our service is easy to implement and inexpensive.

A Waste Free Society is a housing society or gated community where over 90% of its waste is converted for re-use instead of reaching the landfills.

A Waste Free Society is non-polluting and reduces costs for civic waste collection and disposal services.

Why should societies become waste free?

The waste we put out comes back to pollute us. Our waste is killing us slowly by causing chronic illness.

  • Waste is frequently burnt in the neighborhood, polluting the air with lung blackening particulate matter and cancer causing dioxins
  • All of us desire to live in clean surroundings. Unsightly mounds of garbage get strewn in our neighbourhoods. Is this what we want our neighborhoods to look like?
  • The generated waste leaches into the water supply causing pathogenic diseases, high levels of heavy metals and by products of leaching plastics like BPA, insecticides and much more.
  • Waste Free Societies get property tax concessions and money for recycled waste
  • Waste Free Societies are felicitated by local bodies, development organizations, large companies and others. They become a magnet for valuable, tailor-made programs for adults and children alike for other agencies, gaining access to lots of recognition, goodies and opportunities.
  • The Waste Free Societies we help create get beautiful landscaped and vertical gardens, free organic vegetables and more.

The society is completely in control of the waste generated within its premises. It is the sole decision maker on what is to be done with it. Therefore the society has the unique power and obligation to make a difference before the waste leaves its gates. Its members deserve the immense satisfaction of keeping hundreds of tons of waste away from landfills, our air and our water.

What’s the situation in Mumbai today?

Less than 200 of over 25000 housing societies in Mumbai are Waste Free Societies. Less than 1%

Over 8500 tons of waste reach the landfills every day in Mumbai, and an estimated 1500 tons is uncollected, polluting our immediate neighborhoods.

Mumbai’s landfills are already overflowing and frequent fires in the landfills pollute our air. The shocking Deonar fire last year made Mumbai’s air the most polluted in the world for 4 whole days!

Start being a Waste Free Society today!