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Description of equipment INVESSEL COMPOST TUMBLER  RGGC – XS Aerobic Bio Composter Digester
Capacity for handling waste – KG/day 1-4kg/day 100ltrs fly 1 -5 1 kg/ day 2 kg/day
Space needed – sq.ft. 3X3=9sqft on stand/ LXWXH 3X3X4 4 sq.ft 4
What is the total weight of the equipment when full to capacity? 7kg 10-15 kg 200 kg
Does a shed need to be constructed to cover the equipment? (Y/N) N y N
Capital Expense (one time cost Rs.). 8500/-+ tax, transport actual/applicable[tumbler metal stand culture absorbent -6months] 13500 Rs. (Includes tumbler, accessories like sieve, starter kit of accelerator)transport at actuals 25000 (includes installation)
Lead time for delivery of equipment, from order placement. Payment terms? 2 weeks delivery on work order & 50% advance payment 2 Weeks from payment of 50% advance, balance on delivery 1 week from order placement.
Approximate lifespan of the product (years) theoretically 8yrs depends on actual usage handling 10 years 10
Operational Expense (recurring expense Rs. per month) 100 rs 100rs 30
Training requirements (what kind of training is needed for operations) training given while installation online guidance as & when needed 20 minute training module 20 minute training module
Does vendor provide training? (Y/N) Y Y Y
Manpower needed for operations (number of staff) Individual resident can manage Individual resident can manage Individual resident can manage
Can the vendor provide staff if required for operations on a salary basis? (Y/N) N Y N
Output of the process Compost Organic Compost Bio Gas & Liquid Compost
Time needed for output initially 8-12 days later regular 6-8 weeks 2 days
Product Literature (user manual, demo videos etc.) attached yes : user manual, videos Yes
Existing Clientele references can be given Residents in Chembur, Pune References of individuals can be given
Can you arrange for a demo of the product? actually not needed /Y Y Y
Buyback of compost (Y/N) – N can b used in garden N N
If yes, rate of buyback Rs./ kg NIL N
After sales service details. Please mention if charged extra. Phone support available for free. Phone support available for free. Phone support available for free.
Which city are your products available in apart from Mumbai? Any difference in pricing? Mumbai Pune & dealers Mumbai, Thane, Pune..other cities transport at actuals to be added Mumbai, Vadodara
Can you take up entire project – training/ awareness + waste collection + segregation (if required initially) + disposal of dry + composting in society + maintenance on a turnkey basis? Not applicable for the home solution Not applicable for the home solution Yes