Job Description for Waste Management Expert


The solid waste management problem in India is well known. The reasons vary from lack of awareness amongst citizens, lack of adequate infrastructure for handling waste, inability of authorities to implement the SWM guidelines and so on.

The situation in Mumbai is grim. Less than 200 of over 25000 housing societies in Mumbai are Waste Free Societies. i.e. those who segregate and compost their biodegradable waste.

Over 8500 tons of waste reach the landfills every day in Mumbai, and an estimated 1500 tons is uncollected, polluting our immediate neighbourhoods.

Mumbai’s landfills are already overflowing and frequent fires in the landfills pollute our air. The shocking Deonar fire last year made Mumbai’s air the most polluted in the world for 4 whole days!

The New SWM regulations

The new SWM (Solid Waste Management) regulations mandate that all housing societies in Mumbai must compost their organic waste. Soon, the municipal waste collection vehicles will no longer collect organic waste from societies. In addition, societies will face heavy fines for not composting their waste. The SWM regulations also provides for incentives like property tax breaks for societies that comply.

These regulations finally recognize the serious pollution problems created by all this unsegregated waste going to the landfills.

About Green Communities Foundation

Green Communities Foundation (GCF) is a not-for-profit company focusing on Waste Management in Mumbai. We work with bulk waste generators like Housing Societies, Corporate Houses and others to design waste management systems.

Our Objective

GCF makes societies and corporates Waste – Free. We reduce the landfill burden of societies, compost within their premises and connect them to dry waste recycling vendors.

Services Offered  

GCF provides the following services

  1. Awareness drives
  2. Segregation workshops
  3. Video Based Training
  4. Composting set-up
  5. Dry waste management
  6. Monitoring and Audit

Operating Model

GCF provides end-to-end Waste Management Consulting services to our clients. All equipment and consumables are purchased directly from required vendors including dustbins, composting cages, cocopeat, sawdust, bioculture and more.

Current Clients

We work with more than 15 clients in Mumbai, they include Rustomjee Elanza, Kalpataru Estate, Raheja Classique, IndusInd Bank among others.

Some of our successful projects were showcased in Hindustan Times recently. Click here for the article.


The ideal candidate would have Bachelor’s degree from any university but we can evaluate 10+2 candidates too. The candidate will have a keen interest in topics related to the environment and a passion for identifying and solving problems.

Great communication skills in a vernacular language like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati along with English would be essential.


  • Helping the society / company/ institution to create a small project team and a plan
  • Training and handholding the project team through the entire process
  • Helping the society / company/ institution through procuring equipment, installation and operation
  • Day to day monitoring and audit of the SWM process and ensuring the project is on track
  • Escalating any significant problems to the Community Supervisor

Preferred Skills

  • Attention to detail
  • Problem solving ability
  • Sincere and meticulous approach


The role is based in Mumbai. We would prefer candidates residing in the western suburbs (between Bandra and Borivli). They should be willing to travel primarily along the western line suburbs, as of now, for client visits.

Working days

Considering that most societies would be available to meet on weekends, the candidates will have to be prepared for flexible working hours and weekly offs.


Will be in line with the industry.


Please email your resume to