Ordinary Geniuses!

We have an avid follower of Tim Ferris’s blog on the GCF team. In an interview of  Alain De Botton with Tim Ferris, Alain De Botton introduces the concept of an ‘Ordinary Genius’. Taking inspiration from his concept, GCF has done its own series of ‘Ordinary Geniuses’.

So who is an Ordinary Genius?

As per Alain De Botton, a person who has recognizes his/her strengths and externalizes them and converts it into reality. These are the ordinary people around us who have fathomed their strengths and have used it as a drive to achieve success. A no nonsense attitude, balanced personality and the ability to make latent ideas come alive. One does not read about them in the newspaper but we bump into them during our daily life. GCF is doing a series of Ordinary Geniuses with respect to waste management.

They have played an integral role in ideation, implementation and execution of waste management in their building. They inspire us with their creative solutions for problems and are stellar examples of volunteers for this purpose. 

Read on to know more about their lives

Ms. Barkha Khanolkar – Zinnea, Nahar Amrit Shakti

Ms. Violet Noronha – IndusInd Bank

Ms. Sheela Karunakaran – Acme Elite

Ms. Santosh Munot – Kalpataru Estate 5 & 6

Mr. A.K.Mittal – Raheja Classique 5

Mr. Nikul Shah – Raheja Classique 5

Ms. Sharmila G. – Raheja Classique 5