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Description of equipment INVESSEL COMPOST TUMBLER OWC 30 RGGC-M Aerobic Composter Digester
Capacity for handling waste – KG/day 100- 125kg/day 2000ltrx2 + bio waste shredder 3 hp 150-200flat 100 kgs / day 15-20 kg (4 Sets) 100 kg/day
Space needed – sq.ft. 16 x4 =64sqft LXWXH 16X4X5 100-125 sq.ft 500 sq ft 200
What is the total weight of the equipment when full to capacity? 790KG N A each tumbler can weigh upto 180 kg…total equipment will be 180*8 5000
Does a shed need to be constructed to cover the equipment? (Y/N) Y advised  16 x6 x7 Y Y N
Capital Expense (one time cost Rs.). 2.50lac+ tax, transport actuals/applicable[2 tumblers, shredder assembly culture absorb 389500 (includes Organic Waste Converter  + Single Curing System + Transport + Installation + Taxes) 3,35,000 Rs for 4 sets tumblers, accessories, training to members & housekeeping, installation (Transport and Accessories extra) 7,50,000 (includes installation)
Lead time for delivery of equipment, from order placement. Payment terms? 3-4 week delivery on work order + 65% advance, balance on installation 1 M 4-6 weeks from payment of advance 4 weeks from order placement.
Approximate lifespan of the product (years) theoretically 8yrs depends on actual usage handling 10 yrs 10 plus 10
Operational Expense (recurring expense Rs. per month) 45-60 Rs. per flat 6000 2000 Rs + labor costs to be added 1000
Training requirements (what kind of training is needed for operations) training given while installation online guidance as & when needed Basic operations training imparted by Excel 1 hour to housekeeping and 1 hour to residents  training module 20 minute training module
Does vendor provide training? (Y/N) y y Y Y
Manpower needed for operations (number of staff) 2 1 3 Housekeeping Staff needed 1
Can the vendor provide staff if required for operations on a salary basis? (Y/N) if required  towards O&M/AMC N Y N
Output of the process compost Rich Quality Compost Organic Compost Bio Gas & Liquid Compost
Time needed for output initially 8-12 days later regular 10 days 6-8 Weeks + 15 days curing 2 days
Product Literature (user manual, demo videos etc.) attached Include links/ attachments yes : user manual, videos Yes
Existing Clientele references can be given List of Clientele is given in Proposal Marathon Era References of individuals can be given
Can you arrange for a demo of the product? site visit Y Y Y
Buyback of compost (Y/N) – N but can give contacts  who can buy N y N
If yes, rate of buyback Rs./ kg NIL 10
After sales service details. Please mention if charged extra. O&M/AMC after expiry of warranty period will inform 1st Yr – FREE WARRANTY 2 complimentary monitoring visits Phone support available for free.
Which city are your products available in apart from Mumbai? Any difference in pricing? Mumbai Pune & dealers Mumbai, Thane Mumbai, Vadodara
Can you take up entire project – training/ awareness + waste collection + segregation (if required initially) + disposal of dry + composting in society + maintenance on a turnkey basis? Can support for training /awareness /collection/ segregation on O&M basis N Y Yes