Vendor Name —–> SKS Infrastructure Excel RUR Rajeshree Enviro Solution
Description of equipment (you can include multiple options for the same requirement like Biogas, OWC etc.) INVESSEL COMPOST TUMBLER OWC 60 RGGC-L Aerobic Composter shredder & curing system
Capacity for handling waste – KG/day 125-200kg/d 4000ltr + shredder 200- 350flat 150-200 kgs/day 20-25 kg (3 sets) shrdder for upto 250 kgpd cuing subject to quantity
Space needed – sq.ft. 16×5=80sqft LXWXH 16X5X5 200 sq.ft 700 sq ft 200 sq ft upto 200kgpd
What is the total weight of the equipment when full to capacity? 1.5Ton N A each tumbler can weigh upto 250kg…total equipment will be 250*6 1.5ton
Does a shed need to be constructed to cover the equipment? (Y/N) y advised  16 x6 x7 Y Y y
Capital Expense (one time cost Rs.). Please add everything including shredders, installation, transportation etc. and list down what all is included and provide the break up 5.60lac +tax transport actual/applicable [tumbler ,shredder assembly culture absorb 500000 (includes OWC+Curing System+Trans.+Installtn+Taxes 3,70,000 Rs for 3 sets tumblers, accessories, starter kit, training to housekeeping & members & installation (Transport and taxes extra) 3,25,000 + taxes and installation transportation subject to location
Lead time for delivery of equipment, from order placement. Payment terms? 4-5weeks dly on wo& 65% adv bal on installation 1 M 4-6 weeks from payment of advance 4weeks after confirm order and payment
Approximate lifespan of the product (years) theorotically 8yrs depends on actual usage handling 10 yrs 10 plus 10yrs
Operational Expense (recurring expense Rs. per month) 45-60 Rs. per flat 7500 3000 Rs + labour costs to be added 15000 considering separate manpower
Training requirements (what kind of training is needed for operations) training given while instalation online guidance as & when needed Basic operations training imparted by Excel 1 hour to housekeeping and 1 hour to reseidents  training module 3 days SOP with our superviser
Does vendor provide training? (Y/N) y y Y Y
Manpower needed for operations (number of staff) 2 1 2-3 Housekeeping Staff Needed 2
Can the vendor provide staff if reuqired for operations on a salary basis? (Y/N) if reqd  towards O&M/AMC N Y Y
Output of the process compost Rich Quality Compost Organic Compost COMPOST
Time needed for output initially 8-12 days later regular 10 days 6-8 Weeks + 15 days curing 12 DAYS
Product Literature (user manual, demo videos etc.) attached Include links/ attachments yes : user manual, videos
Existing Clientele references can be given List of Clientele is given in Proposal YES
Can you arrange for a demo of the product? site visit Y Y YES
Buyback of compost (Y/N) – N But can give contacts  who can buy N y N
If yes, rate of buyback Rs./ kg NIL 10
After sales service details. Please mention if charged extra. O&M/AMC after expiry of warranty period will inform 1st Yr – FREE WARRANTY 2 complimentary monitoring visits Phone support available for free.
Which city are your products available in apart from Mumbai? Any difference in pricing? Mumbai Pune & dealers Treat Range is available on AMAZON Mumbai, Thane Mumbai /Nasik
Can you take up entire project – training/ awareness + waste collection + segregration (if required initially) + disposal of dry + composting in society + maintainence on a turnkey basis? Can support for training /awareness /collection/segregation on O&M basis N Y yes in Mumbai only