SWM at Mahindra Eminente

Mahindra Eminente is a housing society located in Goregaon West. It has 4 towers with a total of about 250 apartments. The citizens came together and demonstrated amazing amount of teamwork to make the society waste free.


The process of implementing segregation

  • Solid waste management has been a 100% community driven execution. The core team concluded on the segregation plan based on their research, field-visits and interactions with other societies.
  • Post approval from our Managing Committee, the segregation drive was successfully implemented throughout the society.
  • It is noteworthy here that how a few residents/volunteers themselves undertook the responsibility of distributing the kits and educating the residents about the importance, need and the correct method of segregation. And for days together, they kept following up with the residents and the housekeeping staff to ensure that the process goes right in all the households. Consequently, today each and every flat in our society is convincingly and effortlessly practicing segregation.
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