Fresh graduates – Apply to be a Green Societies Trainee Waste Management Expert

Green Societies

Housing societies in Mumbai generate a lot of waste and the government has created laws to encourage them to start segregating, composting and recycling most of it. This will relieve the pressure off landfills and reduce land, air and water pollution.

Housing societies however, find it difficult to convert themselves into waste free societies. Very few have managed to do so. There is no service they could turn to, which would give them an easy way to do this by handholding them and enabling them to make this conversion easily and affordably.

Green Societies is an innovative new social venture that does exactly that. Green Societies is a non-profit organization based in Mumbai started by senior experts in the industry and with decades of practical knowledge in not just waste management but also running large organizations. Its mission is to make Mumbai and eventually India Waste Free.

Green Societies has created a unique, affordable and easy way for housing societies to become Waste Free Societies. The housing society, will be able to recover even these low costs within 2-3 years, making it totally free of cost.

When a society signs up to be waste free, a Waste Management Expert is assigned to the society to guide the society through the various simple steps.

Waste Management Expert

The ideal candidate would have Bachelors degree from a leading university. The candidate will have a keen interest in topics related to the environment and a passion for identifying and solving problems. Work experience in a related area will be a plus but work experience is not mandatory.

Great communication skills in a vernacular language like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati along with English would be essential.


  • Evangelize the concept of solid waste management
  • Work closely with housing societies and handhold them to make them waste free
  • Interact with vendors, equipment manufacturers, waste management agencies, industry experts and government bodies to ensure societies get an end to end solution for their requirements


Training will be provided in the Green Societies process and method.


The role is based in Mumbai.


A good starting salary for fresh graduates

Apply by sending your resume to, along with a couple of paragraphs about why you think are a good fit for the job.