Why is it necessary to have a kitchen garden in today’s times?

It is highly expensive if not impossible to have a farm or backyard in a crowded city like Mumbai but now one can have the benefits of ‘farm-fresh’ products by making use of ones small humble balcony. A kitchen garden can be an awesome source of herbs, vegetables and fruits. Often, flowers and herbs planted in the garden can also enhance the beauty of ones home. The goal is to make the function of providing food aesthetically joyful. It is a small scale form of growing ones own vegetables. All you need is a compost heap and an intention to grow one or more types of plants in an organic and sustainable way.

Food grown in ones farm or backyard requires some amount of maintenance but organic gardening in ones balcony requires comparatively less effort and maintenance and it is also becoming increasingly popular among modern homes these days.

So let us all start inviting nature around our homes. In my subsequent posts I will tell you how you can go about creating your own kitchen garden very easily. Watch this space for more..  Have a sunny day!

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