Keshav Srushti ( is a hub of innovative and versatile educational, irrigational and social projects aimed at creating socially conscious leaders and dedicated citizens of the country. The annual Satyanarayan Mahapuja at Keshav Srushti had a special green angle to it this year. Thanks to the organizers, one of the key themes chosen for the event this year was Waste Management.

Green Societies had a presence at the exhibition and so did several other organizations/ vendors associated with waste Management. Over 5000 people attended the Mahapuja and a substantial number of them visited the exhibition. The enthusiasm, curiosity and earnestness of the visitors was apparent. They were very keen to understand how we could help solve the crisis facing us. While it was clear that a lot of consumer education needed to be done to explain concepts like segregation and composting, the willingness to be a part of the solution was very heartening.

Almost 50 individuals signed up and expressed their interest to make their own society Waste Free with the help of the Green Societies team.

The real work starts now. Here’s to a cleaner, greener tomorrow!

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