While segregation of waste is the number 1 priority in the waste management journey, elimination of plastic garbage bags is the next step in the process. These garbage bags, which are typically disposed off by tying a knot at the top, make it hard for housekeeping staff to assess the extent of segregation. In addition, these bags can’t be recycled and have to be sent to the landfills causing huge air, waste and soil pollution.

But there is an extremely simple way to eliminate the plastic garbage bags. One can use a newspaper as a liner to the kitchen waste bin. If one wants something sturdier, there is a simple process to make a bag out of a couple of sheets of newspaper. Using newspaper is a cheap and effective alternative to plastic garbage bags and this will ensure a much cleaner waste management process.

Thanks Falguni for this video! Enjoy..

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  • Shrikant

    As I understand from media, the newsprint ink is not environment friendly hence using the newspapers as garbage bags is not the right approach. Has this been verified and hence suggested to use paper bags – paper also sogs very soon with wet waste. Newspaper does not make proper compost. How are you folks managing this. Can you respond to me and connect for getting clarity on this further?

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