We at Green Communities have been working on identifying simple, predictable, cost effective and easy to use options for composting. We have now designed something that is hopefully all of the above as well as durable and airy. Its a metal ‘cage’ having dimensions 4ft x 3ft x 3ft which is currently deployed at Mahindra Eminente in Goregaon West.

Mahindra Eminente generates on an average 150kg of wet waste everyday. This waste is crushed and then added to the bin through a layering process that also uses microbial cocopeat and dry leaves. This is quite similar to the process demonstrated in this home composting video.


We have been layering waste in this bin for the last 5 days in a row (that’s a total of about 750 kg) and the results are very encouraging.

There is no odour at all, the leachate that is generated has a mild straw-like colour. There is minimal churning required due to the nice airy design. The waste is getting compacted nicely and hopefully we will have good quality compost in another 20 odd days.

Seems like we have a winner on hand and this model can then be replicated at other interested societies too. For more details write to us at info@greencf.org.


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