India’s metropolitan cities are burgeoning concrete jungles with little room for green foliage. Green Communities Foundation is on a mission to improve green cover in societies and offices through vertical gardens and organic gardens and food forests.

Vertical gardens are not only aesthetically pleasing but they have multiple benefits, they reduce the heat-island effect as well as reduce air pollution levels. Vertical gardens ideally use lesser water than horizontal garden with reuse of water through a pump. Plastic containers can be filled with cocopeat and some soil in a grid framework. These plants can be of herb or floral variety for society or office walls.

We posed the following questions to Chintan Mehta from Vert Vista, a bespoke urban landscaping company. Chintan has been working with Vert Vista since 2015.

  • “Is it possible for herbs to be grown on vertical gardens? If yes, which ones?”

“Yes, the following herbs can be grown on vertical gardens
Basil (Thai and Italian),
Apple Mint,
Spear Mint,

  • “Which plants have air purifying properties?”

“Chlorophytum, Oxycardium and money plants release more oxygen in comparison to other plants that are easily grown in Mumbai’s climate. These plants can be grown in vertical gardens or potted plants for homes and office spaces.”

  • “How is a green wall created?”

“A green wall can be created using plastic modules or geo-textile or felt. The first is more economical and these cups can be filled with cocopeat and compost while the felt must be imported from Singapore. However, the felt receive more aeration as the moist fabric allows plants to breathe and enables a healthier growth. These walls have a drip irrigation system installed that require a water and electrical connection.”

  • “Which plants thrive on a green wall in Mumbai?”

“Plants such as green and variegated money plant, green rhoeo, Butterfly Syngonium, Song of India and Schefflera. Most plants grow in both the plastic modules and the felt apart from Ribbon grass that grows only in the plastic cups.”

A popular medium to green your society or office especially in Mumbai’s horizontal space crunch. Green Communities Foundation strives to make your community more livable and healthy through waste management and green walls.

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