Raheja Classique Building 5 is an exemplary model for waste management. The volunteer team and the housekeeping staff have worked hand in hand to make it a great success.

Raheja Classique Building 5 is a society next to Infinity Mall, Andheri West. The waste management project was led by three stellar individuals from the management committee of the society namely Mr. A.K. Mittal, Mr. Nikul Shah and Ms. Sharmila G. In fact, you can learn more about them on the “Ordinary Geniuses” section on our website.

This trio along with an enthusiastic volunteer team played an integral role in disseminating knowledge about segregation to other residents. This entire exercise was authorized by the management committee and residents (not in line) were warned and eventually fined for non-compliance. Each volunteer was assigned several flats and they went to these flats, trained residents and handed over the segregation kit. Extremely high levels of reject waste made the volunteers realize that there was an issue with segregation a few months from the resident training. Slowly but surely almost all flats segregate correctly.

Apart from the residents, the GCF team trained the housekeeping staff about the process for collection of segregated waste and composting.

The management committee has also allotted an empty parking lot where dry waste is further segregated by the housekeeping staff into metals, plastics, light plastics, tetrapaks, tube lights and glass. The dry waste is collected by a local recycler once it aggregates to a certain amount.

Till January 2018 they have saved 8270kgs. and counting of waste from going to the landfills. Every month they compost about 1900 kgs. of wet waste.

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