The waste management project at Green Ridge is led by Nitin Panchal since May 2017. They compost about 2700 kgs monthly, till now they have composted 7210 kgs!

Green Ridge is society with 144 flats in Borivili West. They use a shredder and 7 compost cages for composting. This society has taken its time to comply with  3 way segregation and composting. They follow the ‘2 bin 1 bag method’, a popular method of segregation borrowed from Bangalore. Initially there was a lot of non-compliance and matters needed to be taken up with the management committee. Green Communities Foundation has held door-to-door segregation workshops for residents. Most residents now comply with 3-way segregation.

Green Ridge started with a pilot for composting, in other words a small volunteer group was segregating wet waste and the housekeeping staff was composting only for these households. Once the pilot was successful, they procured a compost cages and gradually increased amount of wet waste composted, until all their wet waste is composted daily.

Moreover, the society prevents its dry waste from going to the landfill and gives it to their dry waste vendor.

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